Friday, July 23, 2010

TED Video - Matt Ridley

I was spending yet another exciting night watching TED videos when I came across this video. Naturally the title was intriguing but what this guy has to say is very insightful.

The escalation of our standard of living is based on sharing of ideas and innovations. Hunters can be hunters and gathers can be gathers and then they can trade resources. In this example Ridley points out that each individual can be specialists and become experts in their tasks.

Extrapolate Ridley's presentation to the current trend in technology, social media, and think of how fast the "sexual relations" of ideas can spread. Through blogging, micro blogging, videos, etc... users can easily learn innovations, cultures, and ideas they otherwise wouldn't be exposed to. This has sped up the waves of innovation as products have reached maturity more quickly, forcing companies to release newer products more frequently. Companies that do not, may fall victim to the proverbial "Frog in the boiling pot."

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